This is the story of Allison Grumman, a young woman trying to find her place in the world. Provided she doesn’t have to drive far to get there. And this place won’t take up much of her time either, as she has movie rentals due back tomorrow and they aren’t going to watch themselves. Plus she’s invited Jonny and Pratt over because she knows her best friend and brother are going to fight and it'll be amusing but first she needs to bail out her cousin Phil again, so maybe he’ll pay his part of the rent this month. Oh, and she needs to get milk.

Okay, so maybe this is her place in the world. She’s not going anywhere; she’s there and doesn’t care. She has become…

Comfortably Numb.

Cue the theme music.


Allison is an awkward, goofy, geek amongst geeks and it shows. She excels at and enjoys both mindless pop culture and historic trivia. Her love of American, military and aviation history has lead her to do things like name her Dachshund “Douglas Dauntless”. (But he'll answer to SBD) She rocks out to Booker T. & The MG's. Her usual response to anything is “groovy” and she believes “y'know” is the best way to begin and end a statement. (Usually the same statement) She still wears her boot camp glasses and boots because she finds them comfortable and her own brand of stylish. Throw on a Slackers Local #83 or “Frohike for President” T-shirt and a bandanna and she's ready to roll. She's met all of her life goals by 19: Be self sufficient, see the Blues Brothers in concert and own an ex-police car. What more could one want?

Pratt Jack Norhthrop Grumman is the younger brother of Allison and fraternal twin of Whitney Grumman. Born a minute before his sister has made Pratt the ignored, unimportant middle child. Instead of whining 'Marsha, Marsha, Marsha' he took advantage of the situation and anyone not keeping a close eye on their valuables. To most everyone this laid-back and cool eighteen year-old with a penchant for cigars and buggery is trouble on the horizon. He has his own thoughts on things and won't let anyone else's B.S. stand in the way, even if it is from a pontificating educator. He loves red-heads, muscle cars and classic rock in no particular order. His parents assume he's going to go to a fine school in the coming year or even join the Air Force. He plans on staying local. Middleton may be a dull dead end hole but it's his dead end hole.

Jonny is Allison's best friend since high school where she was a permanent honor roll member, cheerleader and captain of the soccer team. She’s achievement oriented and intelligent and also very conservative not to mention practical. As assistant shift manager she runs “What's Next? Audio and Video” with efficiency and has a 3.8 GPA at Middleton Christian College. If she wasn't so meek and quiet her hidden Napoleon complex might be noticeable to someone other than Pratt. While such an over-achiever she's easily discouraged and has to work hard at succeeding since she fears a five-year old whose math skills are up to snuff could probably take her job. Being like she is at nineteen she doesn't fit in well with her peers but then again that's why she fits in here. Allison is the laid-back captain of this motley crüe of eight balls and Jonny is the by the book XO keeping everyone in bounds and out of trouble. Mostly.

Allison's youthful ward is the offspring of Cheryl Pott and one of three brothers Phillip Vincent Pott (named after Cheryl's favorite two of the brothers) grew up influenced mainly by the sailors at his Mom's workplace, The Iron Maiden. There he learned the importance of loud music, fire, gambling, chicks, booze and that the Navy will give him beer money if he signs on the line (on each of the six copies). So maybe this wasn't the best education in life he could get but with an IQ of 171 maybe these hard living habits where the only way he could bring himself down to a more normal level; if only he didn't hit it and keep heading south. He's got little sense and less self control but a charm the ladies can't quite define or the cops quite contain. While he lives under his cousin the 23 year old is sometimes traded to Pratt for crony duty, at least long enough for Allison to clean up his mess at home.

The product of a good Christian home in a small town and raised from birth by the finest folk to walk the planet Holly is ready for anything the world throws at her, even big city living in a massive burg of 50,000 such as Middleton. She grew up across the street from THE stoplight after all. She’s the most wholesome person anyone who’s met her has ever had the good fortune to meet. (Especially if they have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell!) Holly is not stupid by any means but she’s naive and very well meaning, even if she doesn’t understand the meaning of the thing which she thinks she understands. Her knowledge of things may be limited but what she knows she does know to perfection. If you’ve time to spare ask her the different kinds of cheese or what those Rush lyrics really mean. (But don’t start her on etiquette!)


(C) 2006-2009 D. Krigbaum