Bek, Backstory and Beyond!

July 3, 2012-Nurse Becky's tale is finally at a belated ended. As you can probably tell I prefer writing smaller, more personal stories over massive epics. It's frustrating since Red Skirts does have a pretty big backstory that will probably never be fully used. Even Nurse Becky's story is more of a secondary or subplot in a bigger tale that was outlined but not carried out. So here's the full story going on during Nurse Becky: Yeoman.

USS Trekulant is dispatched to a small, undeveloped planet deep in the Singalan Sector to provide humanitarian (galactarian?) aid as the planet is in the throes of a world-wide famine. Meanwhile due to the massive manpower losses suffered weekly on the Constitution-class heavy cruisers, such as the USS Enterprise, no new personnel are being sent out the Singalan Patrol, the command Trekkie is part of, until further notice. The end result: Nurse Becky: Yeoman.

A lot of "Becky working" strips where cut at this point as I wanted to keep the story going. Also I got bored. They included things like Becky using a screwdriver to fix a conduit in the passageway that explodes on her. A passing crewer (played by me) offers to help her up. She looks at him and sees "Insert screwdriver here" on his forehead. Everyone in the passageway has that on their foreheads. She decides to call it quits for the day.

Due to horrid atmospheric conditions beaming down is impossible so a team is sent down via shuttlecraft Lapu Lapu to bring the provisions. Allison and Holly are part of this team that gets hit by angry locals, as the last group that came to 'render aid' also tried to invade. Allison and Holly find themselves in a ferocious firefight and in desperation Alli calls down an orbital bombardment from Trekkie. The laser blasts from heaven make the remaining fighters disperse and the shuttle is able to rescue our heroines.

After the dust has cleared, Becky is back in her clinic and tending to Allison and Holly. Holly asks, "Why did they attack us? We just brought them food, medicine-" Allison interjects, "Gospel tracts- Holly." Becky shrugs and sardonically quips, "Y'know, white man's burden." Becky hands both girls some medicine to drink as Allison slaps Holly on the back and tells her, "I guess that makes you the best ye breed." Being unfamiliar with Rudyard Kipling's poem Holly shakes her head and says she not sure if Allison is being serious or sarcastic. Allison admits, "Sometimes, neither am I." She then raises a toast with her medicine, "To the savage wars of peace." Bek-Bek- shouts, "Mabuhay!" as they drink.

This leads into the bigger story. Trekulant and the Singalan Patrol's area of operations is the neutral Singalan Sector. It's the remnant of a dead star empire and very lawless. Every major galactic faction it seems wants this sector's resources though none wish to own it outright. The Federation on the other hand is more interested in denying any one faction complete control of the sector than actually making use of its resources itself. To compound the problem lots of Federation businessman have set up in the sector, many with powerful home offices and they demand protection.

Owning no property of their own in Sector the Singalan Patrol has a headquarters spire on Singalan Prime in the planet's Vulcan sector and is based primarily from a starbase at the edge of the universe. Trekulant is typical of the patrol's paper tiger fleet. They're unwanted, obsolete cast offs of the main fleet that were on their way to the scrap yard when pulled for this duty. Their single cruiser is an ancient dreadnought that almost never sorties out of the starbase and due to political sensitivities nothing larger than a Starship Escort is allowed in sector for patrolling. The rest of the patrol is held in reserve to respond to trouble as necessary, though they hardly do as its felt sending larger vessels in system would only invite further aggression on behalf of the other powers vying for control of the sector.

This leaves, small, under-armed and under-powered museum pieces such as Trekulant alone in the far reaches of hostile space to do missions no one wants and no one would mourn if they should be destroyed in doing them. Cheery, huh?


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