The Secret Origin of Nurse Becky

March 9, 2012- Inspired by actual Corpsmen (medics). Motrin is the Navy cure all and even in the far future, when we've cured cancer, the common cold and can repair a broken spine using only good vibrations, I'm sure they'll still attempt to fix the average blue shirt's (or red shirt's) problems with that miracle pill. I could joke and say this strip is the Corpsman's "Act of Valor", but that wouldn't be giving them enough credit. For all the crap your average corpsman gets and usually deserves about being a glorified motrin dispenser there have been countless who've gone above and beyond the call of duty, like John Harlan Willis who tossed back eight hand grenades that landed near him during the Battle of Iwo Jima. He could have just tried to fall back, but the Marine he was saving couldn't, so he stuck it out with him and that meant tossing back enemy hand grenades. (I once got a letter about his bravery published in XBox magazine as a rebuttal to the opinion one can't toss back hand grenades.)

Here's a little background on Nurse Becky. She's not actually a nurse, just an independent duty corpsman, but she's a Filipina who works in medicine so "nurse" is the assumption on everyone's part. Growing up she didn't want to work in medicine but her parents insisted. She wanted to be a ninja. So they compromised and she became a dental assistant. That means she's trained to jam sharp objects in people's mouths and make smart ass comments about how much they bleed. Unfortunately then the Starfleet decided all medicine is the same thing and merged dental technicians into the corpsman job. Then due to advances in medical science there are machines that can allow virtually any corpsman to be a doctor, surgeon and crack psychiatrist without even trying. Becky's ship, the Trekulant, doesn't have any of these machines aboard but they exist somewhere and that's good enough for the Fleet so she, a dental technician, is sent to the ship to fulfill all those roles. See? Being a screw up corpsman is not her fault.


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