January 12, 2012- Back to Alli! The next few strips are inspired by real people but thankfully NOT on actual events. The booth is real though. It's modeled on the radio station sound booth I used to broadcast my morning show, The Rooster, out of. For four months I was the DJ for Power 99 on Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) and it was the best job in the world. While I wasn't bad at talking, I preferred to let the music speak for me. My listeners were groovy with that. What can I say, I knew my audience... personally. We partied and they occasionally crashed out on my couch. As I post more of this storyline I'll write a bit more about my former rock n' roll lifestyle.

Alli's T-shirt is also real, it's from the comic, "Imy" and Irma was nice enough to okay Alli's wearing it. I figured a "Rock" shirt was more appropriate than her usual Slackers wear. Now I think I need to lie down for a spell, I've just got back to work this week after my winter (yes, I know Guam doesn't have a winter just bear with me) break and it's tiring. I want to just lie down, burn some incense and listen to Arab music.

And finally, I've been fiddling around a little more with Mattie's adventures in post-World War II Philippines. Click on her picture below to see. I've also added a section of photographs of the the real world Fort Legaspi- Manila's Fort Santiago.


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